“Rescue groups are run by small minded people”

According to a teacup puppy broker in Pelahatchie, Mississippi.
Here’s a screenshot of her exact words on her Help Us Save the Tiny Dogs page, intended to be an educational center about teacup puppies and teacup puppy breeding and why she thinks the existence of these puppies is legitimate.

We post this to warn rescue organizations, animal rescue groups and other initiatives regarding animal welfare and awareness to not sponsor this broker in teacup puppies or allow for her to showcase your strays and abandoned companion animals on her website. She makes thousands of dollars PER PUPPY and has not convinced us of any sincerity concerning the animals in shelters. Do not let her persuade you to think otherwise, because do you honestly believe that any of her supporters who visit her website and shopping wall would be interested in adopting a stray or abandoned animal? For the right reasons? So not just because they can’t afford a 4000$ teacup puppy? Because if they were interested in adopting a dog from a shelter, they would go to rescues or shelters in the first place and not to a commercial website that sells so called designer breeds.

Please SHARE THIS with every rescue organization you know of, and don’t get fooled. Thank you.

Her decision to offer rescue dogs on her website came from the bottom of her heart and because the plight of the stray and abandoned dogs is on her mind every day, and not the $$$ involved:

And again:

In fact, she can’t stop talking about how those dogs suffer:

Yes, she is determined to help find shelter animals a good home:

Very determined

So determined she even deletes a legitimate question from a puppy rescue in Delaware:

While her fans explain why to go get a stray from a pound:

The bits of conversation that follow took place yesterday. Unfortunately we have not made screenshots of everything this broker wrote. The way she phrased why we weren’t out there at work for helpless animals really professed to her heartfelt dedication for the cats and dogs in shelters and killing stations…

She also wrote as if this is all about a popularity contest “we”, the low life people, are not winning, and she is. Because she has high society on her side, people with money.

And there didn’t seem to be a hurry to delete any of the comments, until we posted questions about her alleged friendship with dr. James Choi, the veterinarian in South-Korea…

This is what she wrote about Gill Thomas a few hours before she posted she would offer rescue dogs on her wall:

And to conclude this entry:

Nobody cares? Guess again, Ashley Anderson.

UPDATE: Somebody called her an angel in disguise for offering to help rescue dogs! What an insult to every animal rescue worker and shelter volunteer who’s been working hard for years, or having to witness animals being put to death or companion animals being brought in by their owners who stopped caring.

What an insult calling rescue groups small minded people.
Angel in disguise?

And back to business as usual it is:

Stupid comments?

Oh. Even better! Rescue groups use helpless animals as cash cows: