Will 2012 be a good year…

Oh, what a cute puppy! Can you believe she was a stray, found abandoned wandering on the streets of Chicago? Her name is Cecilia and she is only 4 months old. This picture and many more can be found on the Facebook page of CACC Rescue, Chicago Animal Care and Control Rescue who do their best to find fosters and new homes for many companion animals who are either found or brought in by their owners because they’re not wanted anymore.

So many beautiful faces, so many expressive eyes and joyful hearts full of love and affection to give. Every dog has his or her own story, and it is unbelievable how people can simply decide to get rid of their companion animal just because it’s getting a little older, in need of more care and love than they are willing to devote. It’s just sad, plain sad.

Look at Marvin, he is a 10-year old Akita, also found wandering on the streets. He is a very gentle dog, but in need of medicine. This is what his caretakers at CACC have to say about him: “A cement cage floor is no place for a senior dog with arthritis to spend his golden years! Poor Marvin was found as a stray and brought into Chicago Animal Care and Control. He has hip dysplasia in both hips and arthritis in his front paw. He walks with a limp because he has never been medicated for his arthritic pain. Despite his pain, he is very friendly and playful and gets into a play bow when he meets a new dog or human friend.”

And then compare all of that to this. A so called teacup puppy, a designer breed. Imported from South-Korea by American puppy brokers who found a perfect niche market that makes them a lot of money. Dogs that fit into some kind of expensive designer bag, carried round by mostly women who should perhaps see their gynecologist or shrink. There can only be something wrong if you spend thousands of dollars on a tiny fragile dog you wanna cuddle and treat like a baby all of its life. There has to be something wrong if you ignore the fact that American shelters all over the country have plenty of small dogs available for adoption asap. Those women also seem oblivious to the fact that behind their precious expensive teacup pup, a gruesome story can be found. A story based on greed, not on love for animals. A story based on lies and scams, like you can read about in our previous entry.

Remember the Mississippi broker, Ashley Anderson? Who has a message up on her website a certain Dr. Choi in South-Korea is a longtime friend of theirs (the Andersons) and a breeder of Pomeranians? And that this Dr. Choi is their veterinarian but also a liaison who finds breeders for them, so they can offer their fans the best puppies ever? ALL LIES, BLATANT LIES FROM SCAMMERS. Because that’s what they are.

We finally heard back from Kelly Frances, the journalist from the Korea Times who had interviewed Dr. Choi for her column. Ashley Anderson used this article on her Facebook shopping wall to show her fans who the vet is she claimed worked with them. NOT TRUE. Dr. Choi DID examine 8 dogs for the business of Ashley Anderson, but this only occurred for the first time in the past month (november 2011).

“He said he had a role as a veterinarian who performed routine examinations on dogs intended to be shipped overseas. He said he occasionally did so through contract with a large company” wrote Ms Frances.

But we’ll save that story for another entry. Can you understand why we feel there is such a huge injustice here, the poor doggies in the shelters, and the scheming lying brokers who’ll say anything to persuade their prospects to put down that deposit and commit themselves into becoming an accomplice of violating American law. One that rules that no puppy younger than 6 months is allowed to be imported for resale purposes…

And to conclude this New Year entry, we’d like to show you a sweet little mini Pinscher who was given up by her owner. She is in medical care because she is severely underweight for an almost 1 year old Pinscher.

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