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It’s been more than a week since we last posted in this blog. We’ve added as many as relevant links we could find, and have been extremely occupied in Facebook, writing emails, connecting the dots and conducting more research online.

What else is new under Teacup horizon? Things evolve. By now, we think of this as the Korean Puppy Scam starring American and Canadian brokers, and South Korean puppy mills. Maybe one broker less, if the District Attorney will follow up the strong recommendation of the Folsom police in California.
Folsom vet: Puppy broker forged my signature

Her name is Ginger Turk. She is accused of having forged signatures on health certificates for the pups she imported from South Korea. She runs both a designer clothing line for pets, as well as a teacup pup business: Once Upon A Teapup . Her supplier from South Korea is Jung, from the JungPuppy Company.

Our favorite broker, Ashley Anderson (and husband Justin) claim they haven’t done business with Jung in over a year. But some of our alert friends were comparing Facebook notes, and could inform us she had definitely talked to Jung earlier this month. Confusing?

There are multiple angles to this Korean Puppy Scam. We’re still waiting for more news from Kelly Frances in Seoul. Miss Frances is a Canadian journalist who works for the Korea Times, one of the three oldest English-language newspapers in South Korea and founded in 1950. Now on her Facebook shopping wall, Ashley Anderson aka Ms Puppy Connection from Boutique Teacup Puppies, posted a link to an article. She said that the article was about the vet they work with in Korea, a vet who was also a breeder and their liaison with other breeders from whom they purchase their adorable little baby pups. Click on the first image for more info.

Our animal advocates community got to work. Emails were sent to A.R.K. Animal Rescue Korea (they were mentioned in the article) and the author of the column, journalist Kelly Frances. Both responded upset and shocked about the alleged connection between a highly esteemed Korean vet and these American puppy brokers. As soon as miss Frances has spoken to Dr. James Choi about this, she will notify us whether it’s true or not.

We have, of course, a whole lot more information to share. But we’ll save that for another day. Make sure to check in here frequently, for we update our links section almost daily.
So far, so good.


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