“Rescue groups are run by small minded people”

According to a teacup puppy broker in Pelahatchie, Mississippi.
Here’s a screenshot of her exact words on her Help Us Save the Tiny Dogs page, intended to be an educational center about teacup puppies and teacup puppy breeding and why she thinks the existence of these puppies is legitimate.

We post this to warn rescue organizations, animal rescue groups and other initiatives regarding animal welfare and awareness to not sponsor this broker in teacup puppies or allow for her to showcase your strays and abandoned companion animals on her website. She makes thousands of dollars PER PUPPY and has not convinced us of any sincerity concerning the animals in shelters. Do not let her persuade you to think otherwise, because do you honestly believe that any of her supporters who visit her website and shopping wall would be interested in adopting a stray or abandoned animal? For the right reasons? So not just because they can’t afford a 4000$ teacup puppy? Because if they were interested in adopting a dog from a shelter, they would go to rescues or shelters in the first place and not to a commercial website that sells so called designer breeds.

Please SHARE THIS with every rescue organization you know of, and don’t get fooled. Thank you.

Her decision to offer rescue dogs on her website came from the bottom of her heart and because the plight of the stray and abandoned dogs is on her mind every day, and not the $$$ involved:

And again:

In fact, she can’t stop talking about how those dogs suffer:

Yes, she is determined to help find shelter animals a good home:

Very determined

So determined she even deletes a legitimate question from a puppy rescue in Delaware:

While her fans explain why to go get a stray from a pound:

The bits of conversation that follow took place yesterday. Unfortunately we have not made screenshots of everything this broker wrote. The way she phrased why we weren’t out there at work for helpless animals really professed to her heartfelt dedication for the cats and dogs in shelters and killing stations…

She also wrote as if this is all about a popularity contest “we”, the low life people, are not winning, and she is. Because she has high society on her side, people with money.

And there didn’t seem to be a hurry to delete any of the comments, until we posted questions about her alleged friendship with dr. James Choi, the veterinarian in South-Korea…

This is what she wrote about Gill Thomas a few hours before she posted she would offer rescue dogs on her wall:

And to conclude this entry:

Nobody cares? Guess again, Ashley Anderson.

UPDATE: Somebody called her an angel in disguise for offering to help rescue dogs! What an insult to every animal rescue worker and shelter volunteer who’s been working hard for years, or having to witness animals being put to death or companion animals being brought in by their owners who stopped caring.

What an insult calling rescue groups small minded people.
Angel in disguise?

And back to business as usual it is:

Stupid comments?

Oh. Even better! Rescue groups use helpless animals as cash cows:

Will 2012 be a good year…

Oh, what a cute puppy! Can you believe she was a stray, found abandoned wandering on the streets of Chicago? Her name is Cecilia and she is only 4 months old. This picture and many more can be found on the Facebook page of CACC Rescue, Chicago Animal Care and Control Rescue who do their best to find fosters and new homes for many companion animals who are either found or brought in by their owners because they’re not wanted anymore.

So many beautiful faces, so many expressive eyes and joyful hearts full of love and affection to give. Every dog has his or her own story, and it is unbelievable how people can simply decide to get rid of their companion animal just because it’s getting a little older, in need of more care and love than they are willing to devote. It’s just sad, plain sad.

Look at Marvin, he is a 10-year old Akita, also found wandering on the streets. He is a very gentle dog, but in need of medicine. This is what his caretakers at CACC have to say about him: “A cement cage floor is no place for a senior dog with arthritis to spend his golden years! Poor Marvin was found as a stray and brought into Chicago Animal Care and Control. He has hip dysplasia in both hips and arthritis in his front paw. He walks with a limp because he has never been medicated for his arthritic pain. Despite his pain, he is very friendly and playful and gets into a play bow when he meets a new dog or human friend.”

And then compare all of that to this. A so called teacup puppy, a designer breed. Imported from South-Korea by American puppy brokers who found a perfect niche market that makes them a lot of money. Dogs that fit into some kind of expensive designer bag, carried round by mostly women who should perhaps see their gynecologist or shrink. There can only be something wrong if you spend thousands of dollars on a tiny fragile dog you wanna cuddle and treat like a baby all of its life. There has to be something wrong if you ignore the fact that American shelters all over the country have plenty of small dogs available for adoption asap. Those women also seem oblivious to the fact that behind their precious expensive teacup pup, a gruesome story can be found. A story based on greed, not on love for animals. A story based on lies and scams, like you can read about in our previous entry.

Remember the Mississippi broker, Ashley Anderson? Who has a message up on her website a certain Dr. Choi in South-Korea is a longtime friend of theirs (the Andersons) and a breeder of Pomeranians? And that this Dr. Choi is their veterinarian but also a liaison who finds breeders for them, so they can offer their fans the best puppies ever? ALL LIES, BLATANT LIES FROM SCAMMERS. Because that’s what they are.

We finally heard back from Kelly Frances, the journalist from the Korea Times who had interviewed Dr. Choi for her column. Ashley Anderson used this article on her Facebook shopping wall to show her fans who the vet is she claimed worked with them. NOT TRUE. Dr. Choi DID examine 8 dogs for the business of Ashley Anderson, but this only occurred for the first time in the past month (november 2011).

“He said he had a role as a veterinarian who performed routine examinations on dogs intended to be shipped overseas. He said he occasionally did so through contract with a large company” wrote Ms Frances.

But we’ll save that story for another entry. Can you understand why we feel there is such a huge injustice here, the poor doggies in the shelters, and the scheming lying brokers who’ll say anything to persuade their prospects to put down that deposit and commit themselves into becoming an accomplice of violating American law. One that rules that no puppy younger than 6 months is allowed to be imported for resale purposes…

And to conclude this New Year entry, we’d like to show you a sweet little mini Pinscher who was given up by her owner. She is in medical care because she is severely underweight for an almost 1 year old Pinscher.

You can click on every image in this entry for the full background story.

Where to continue …

It’s been more than a week since we last posted in this blog. We’ve added as many as relevant links we could find, and have been extremely occupied in Facebook, writing emails, connecting the dots and conducting more research online.

What else is new under Teacup horizon? Things evolve. By now, we think of this as the Korean Puppy Scam starring American and Canadian brokers, and South Korean puppy mills. Maybe one broker less, if the District Attorney will follow up the strong recommendation of the Folsom police in California.
Folsom vet: Puppy broker forged my signature

Her name is Ginger Turk. She is accused of having forged signatures on health certificates for the pups she imported from South Korea. She runs both a designer clothing line for pets, as well as a teacup pup business: Once Upon A Teapup . Her supplier from South Korea is Jung, from the JungPuppy Company.

Our favorite broker, Ashley Anderson (and husband Justin) claim they haven’t done business with Jung in over a year. But some of our alert friends were comparing Facebook notes, and could inform us she had definitely talked to Jung earlier this month. Confusing?

There are multiple angles to this Korean Puppy Scam. We’re still waiting for more news from Kelly Frances in Seoul. Miss Frances is a Canadian journalist who works for the Korea Times, one of the three oldest English-language newspapers in South Korea and founded in 1950. Now on her Facebook shopping wall, Ashley Anderson aka Ms Puppy Connection from Boutique Teacup Puppies, posted a link to an article. She said that the article was about the vet they work with in Korea, a vet who was also a breeder and their liaison with other breeders from whom they purchase their adorable little baby pups. Click on the first image for more info.

Our animal advocates community got to work. Emails were sent to A.R.K. Animal Rescue Korea (they were mentioned in the article) and the author of the column, journalist Kelly Frances. Both responded upset and shocked about the alleged connection between a highly esteemed Korean vet and these American puppy brokers. As soon as miss Frances has spoken to Dr. James Choi about this, she will notify us whether it’s true or not.

We have, of course, a whole lot more information to share. But we’ll save that for another day. Make sure to check in here frequently, for we update our links section almost daily.
So far, so good.

Teacup Puppies = Dog Lover’s Nightmare

This is only my opinion, this is how I feel, I do not expect everyone to agree with my personal views. This is not to say people who own this type of dogs are monsters, they aren’t ….

This is more to sway people to think long… and Hard before deciding to truly purchase this type of dog.

First let us begin with the No Duh factors-
1. A dog should not be breed when it is under the weight of 5 pounds ( Even this is iffy to me)
-Why? Think of weighing 50 pounds and giving birth to a 25 pound baby? Really. Imagine giving birth to something half your weight. That’s what these poor animals are put through.
2. Most Breeders of these puppies are in fact puppy mill runners. If you truly considering purchasing a teacup puppy do the following:

-1. DEMAND VIDEO OF YOUR PUPPY PLAYING! ( This is vital to see if the puppy is indeed healthy, even Vets will ask to see your puppy playing when you take them in for their first exams)
-2. Demand photo’s of the living environment of the puppy, demand to know what it’s being fed, and demand to be told any health conditions: runny nose, fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, lost interest in playing. All of these could be warning signs of more serious conditions.
3. I cannot stress this one enough. Please … please … Demand to see the parents of the puppy. Be sure to ask for videos of the puppies and the parents interacting, so you can determine any health problems the parents may have.

Beware of Imbreeding!
These puppies will have more health issues than you can possibly imagine.
The risk of open fontanels (soft spot from the cranial bone not forming), portosystemic shunts (PSS- abnormal vessel that allows blood to bypass the liver. As a result the blood is not cleansed by one of the bodies filters: the liver), hypoglycemia, cardiac problems, collapsing trachea, luxating patellas, Leggs Calves Perthes disease, seizures, hydroencephaly, blindness and digestive problems can be increased in these tiny babies.

Problems such as respiratory problems can remain or worsen throughout their lives. These babies frequently are so fragile that they do not live more than a few years. There have been several tiny Yorkies as adults who still had open fontanels and their owners had to carry nourishment with them all the time. Their vets have felt it unsafe to give a full dose of vaccine so the puppies had to get several injections to be on the safe side.
(source: http://www.barkrescue.net/teacup.htm)

Breeders of these puppies are taking it upon themselves to play God. To alter an animal’s genetics. It is wrong. It is causing unnatural puppies to be born. And it is creating suffering in an innocent life that does not deserve it.

In short. If you’re looking for an animal to love and to care for and to keep with you for years to come, please visit your local shelters.
Most animals there desperately want to be loved and won’t be around tomorrow. Why invest in a $5000.00 puppy when you can get a loving lifetime friend at your shelter for under $200.00.

Please be considerate in what you are really helping to fund.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it will reach a few people out there , even if Just one person.

Blaine L. Howard

Hello world!

Welcome to Ban Teacup Puppy Traders! If you have no idea what Teacup Puppy Traders (also known as puppy brokers) do, stick with us and we will show you. We will show you how Traders, Brokers and Breeders operate and how animals as well as buyers fall victim to their malpractice. If you have a Facebook account, please join our group (click image in sidebar) and keep yourself informed via our worldwide community of animal lovers and people with a true sense for decent humanity and a better world. It may seem a bit messy in there, at times, but that’s what confrontation, open dialogue and free speech is also about.

There is still plenty of room for idealism and there is no such thing as impossible.

If you ever bought a teacup pup or from the brokers we discuss and wish to file a complaint, please address Deborah Howard at C.A.P.S. (Companion Animal Protection Society) and use this form!

And last but not least for this first entry, this is what we talk about.
Teacup Puppies. Don’t fall for it.
To be continued…

Thank you.